1. The General Administration Department (Manipur Secretariat) is the administrative backbone of the Government of Manipur. 
  2. General Administration Department is the nodal department entrusted with the task of providing clerical and support staff to the various offices/sections of various departments in the Manipur Secretariat. 
  3. General Administration Department is also responsible for providing and maintaining office premises, conveyance to officials of various departments and other necessary arrangements etc.
  4. GAD also provides service for arrangement and carrying out of all important National & State level functions held in the state of Manipur in co-ordination with various departments and State Guests.
  5. It facilitates internal harmony among the various departments and consolidates various policies and programs of the government, formulating draft of bills, declaration of calendar year of Government functions and holidays, formulation of rules
  6. and regulations of the governmental matters etc. 
    Secretariat offices assists in decision-making in Government by ensuring Inter-Ministerial coordination, ironing out differences amongst Ministries/Departments and evolving consensus through the instrumentality of the standing/adhoc Committees of Secretaries.
  7. The Minister-in-charge shall be primarily responsible for the disposal of the Business pertaining to the department as per Rule 8 of the “Rules of Business of the Government of Manipur”. The Administrative Secretary is the Head of Department.